Atmos sound not working at all on Cube - workaround


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Hi, as per the title, I have the latest and a previous version of Amazon Cube, and as reported, the Atmos sound doesn't work on ANY streaming application. It doesn't work on the self test under settings, either. By reading Amazon's support page apparently this is happening because the TV I'm using is not recognised as 4K HDR but as a 4K SDR tv. I confirmed this by connecting a Vizio TV, which doesn't work, and a Samsung TV, which does work. So the question I have is whether there's a workaround to this Amazon Cube limitation? Has anyone tried using a 4k HDR splitter or something else that can allow for the atmos sound to be output from the cube? (I know this is an awful limitation of an Amazon Cube, especial for projectors since not many of them are 4k and one would have to upgrade if one wanted Atmos sound!) Any other ideas for a workaround? Both cubes have the latest firmware, great cables, i tried different inputs etc. As mentioned the known problem is that the Amazon Cube doesn't recognise one of the TV s as 4k HDR, but as 4K SDR. This is really silly limitation but I guess that's a different issue and i just want a workaround. Thanks!


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SDR/HDR are not linked to Dolby ATMOS, you probably need to configure the output to your sound system from the TV.
On my LG I need to set the Digital Output to Auto for it to pass ATMOS, for some reason the pass-through setting does not work.


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I know they shouldn't be linked but they are in the cube. There's no setting on the vizio tv. And the cube customer support are aware of this problem with the cube and they just suggest to use another studio setting. 🤦🤦 Also audio should be independent of video and they know that in some cases of the TV is not recognised as 4k the cube simply does not output Atmos sound.

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Sounds like you need an HDFury device - something like the Vertex2 - which can fool pretty much anything into thinking it’s connected to, well, pretty much anything!

Or use something else (Nvidia Shield possibly) to stream.


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I had an amazon cube version 2 for some time and the only service I could get atmos from on my 1080p projector was netflix. You need an atmos capable amp or soundbar obviously. It seems that netflix will report normal 5.1 sound on the info bar but once you play the content atmos is actually enabled and it actually plays in atmos. Disney, Apple, Amazon, max all send 5.1 only. I ended up getting an apple TV which will output atmos to a 1080p device on all services except prime video.

I also tried a hdmi splitter device which allowed me to select a 4k edid, which did work, but the video quality was imapcted and the colours were muted it was almost unusable. In the end the amount I needed to spend to sort the problem would be close to the cost of an apple tv anyway. So I sold the cube and ordeded a v2 apple TV. I also get atmos on HBOmax too.

Do be careful as I also found that a lot of advice on here is confused as can be seen in this thread. It can lead to expensive mistakes. Also as devices are updated and new versions released the capabilities change too. Its a minefield.
The majority of Atmos tracks are carried in the TrueHD format, Im sure that the fire devices only decode DD+ files with no option of passthrough, thats with the sticks Im assuming the cubes are the same.

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