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Hi, would really appreciate some advice on setting up an Atmos setup in a new modest space about to be built. At the same time wiring up porch outside speakers.

As per the attached image we have a new modest space (garage conversion) turning into an office/living space as part of a bigger open space kitchen space. We would like to split the garage space so the office and living space are separated by an internal bifold. I'm really keen to have some form of Atmos setup in the living space. Would this space suit 3.1.2 better or could I get away with 5.1.2 as drawn (roughly)?

Current AV equipment:
  • Onkyo TX-626
  • 4x Q Acoustics 3020 (F-LR, S-LR)
  • 1x Q Acoustics 3090 (C)
  • Yamaha Sub

New AV equipment requirements/wishlist:
AV receiver - would need to be replaced thinking - Denon AVR-X2700H.
Ceiling speakers - Amazon Basics 8" Round In-Ceiling.
Front and Surrounded speakers - listed models above are all too bulky, would anyone be able to recommend in-wall speakers or slimmer front and surround speakers.

Finally would you run outside 2x ceiling speakers on the same Denon AV receiver or have I run out of speaker connections? If the latter would you recommend running on a separate mini BT amp/ceiling speaker system?

Any help/ideas on my new project would be greatly appreciated!



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Welcome to the Forum.

You've got room for a 5.1.2. In your drawing the Atmos speakers are marked green. Correct? If so in a 5.1.2 or 3.1.2 they are too far back. Rule of thumb is to have them above roughly where your knees will be at a seated position. They should be in line with the front left and right speaker. You have room to place surrounds. 5.1.2 will be much better than 3.1.2 and in all honesty 5.1 will be better than 3.1.2 for an all round audio enjoyment.

A 5.1.2 would rule out exterior speakers being added to the Denon X2700 as it will only support seven speakers. Your alternative is to purchase the bigger and more able X3700 or buy a cheap stereo amp and use the Zone 2 RCA pre-outs and run a pair from that. If you have the X3700 then that will support 5.1.2 and two additional speakers in a second zone.


Hi Gibbsy, thanks this is really useful feedback.

I will ensure the ceiling speakers are lined up accordingly. Would you angle-in rear surrounds? Space would dictate in-wall speakers, what do you think?

Do you have any recommendations on FR, FL, SR, SL. How about these?



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IMO those Sonos In-Walls are more of a branding exercise than getting a performance speaker. They claim that Sonos is able to identify that their speakers are being used, I am not so sure, if they can clever, but not needed.

Lots of other good brands available. Angled drivers are good for Atmos, but I would stay with standard in-ceilings to rears if you are using them. Monitor Audio, KEF, Sonance, SpeakerCraft, OSD and plenty of others spring to mind.


I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge of Sonos speakers other than to say they are not something I would consider. You could certainly angle mono speakers as surrounds. As you seem to be looking at slimline speakers then you should look at the KEF T Series as these are designed to work fixed to the wall.

If you are considering inwall speakers put in during the build then there are others on the Forum far more experienced in those than I am.


Certainly have looking for in-wall speakers to be put in during the build.

Does anyone have any recommendations for front and surround ~£500 per pair?

The in-ceilings are going to be the Amazon Basics which get good external site reviews.


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Really it is the same culprits as I listed for your Atmos and Rears.

We are just starting to bring over the OSD Black R83 and R63 ranges, so could add In-Walls to our order if you were interested.

I think you would struggle to fit in-walls are your surrounds and then have them angled enough to function properly. Better looking for on-walls that have an angled bracket.

Klipsch and GoldEar both offer really nice, shallow cabinet designs that can be twisted into a room.

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