Atmos problem with Samsung Q950T with Hue Sync Box


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I was really hoping somebody could give me advice on this. My current set up is as follows: Sony x900h, Apple TV 4K, Xbox one X, Samsung q950t soundbar, and a Hue Sync box. Right now I have the Apple TV plugged into hdmi 2 port on the sync box, Xbox plugged into port 4 of the sync box. From the sync box to the tv into hdmi 4. From my TV’s arc hdmi into the Samsung soundbar’s arc out.
My question is how can I get Dolby Atmos to work through the soundbar? When I open Netflix to a show that I know has Dolby vision and atmos it says Dolby vision and 5.1 for audio when using the Apple TV. I know that the Netflix app should detect if atmos is available or not but for some reason it’s not showing up. I also tried plugging everything into the soundbar then from there into the sync box then output to the tv hdmi 4 and still didn’t get atmos enabled.
I have updated my tv so eArc is enabled and the current audio settings for the tv are
A/V sync set to auto
eArc mode set to auto
Digital Audio Out set to Auto 1
Dolby Digital plus output is on
Pass through mod is set to auto.
I’m wondering if I’m plugging it in wrong or possibly have a setting on the x900h tv that I need to change??

UPDATE: Not sure why it works now but I ended up plugging everything back into the soundbar first then from the soundbar to the sync box, then to the tv into the arc hdmi. I played multiple movies and shows and atmos wasn’t displaying at first but now Netflix has both Dolby vision and atmos displayed next to the movie title. Same goes for HBO Max. Not sure what happened but I won’t mess with it further.
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I’m sorry
May I ask
Are u now plugging the q950t to sync box input
Then the sync box output plugging to the earc input of the TV? Thanks


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id change the setup around and use the sync box as, what is essentially, a mini amp.

i have the q90r sound bar and sync box and have it wired the following way.....

all devices (apple tv/uhd player etc) into sync box

sync box out to soundbar

soundbar to TV

this way it takes arc/earc and all the bugs that come with it completely out of the equation.

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