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Hello. I have just installed 4 B&W in ceiling speakers to go with my M1s in a small dedicated room. 5.1.4.
I’m wondering if I have the overheads positioned too wide.
Room is 3.1m wide, and surrounds are fixed to the wall meaning that in practice the tweeters of the speakers are about 2.75m apart.
Dolby recommends overheads should be spaces between 0.5 and 0.7x the width of the rears. Unfortunately due to joist placement that isn’t straightforward. So I have installed them 2.1m apart, which is about 0.8 of the width of the surrounds.
Problem is, I’m not really perceiving much sense of “height”. I’m now wondering if bringing them in closer together would give better separation from the surrounds.
I have a small window of time to mess about with placement before my plasterer comes and skims the ceiling. Any ideas?

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In my room where the (scope CIH) screen is wall to wall and speakers between the 2.40 and 16:9 screen edges as recommended, I found that having the Atmos speakers inline with the L&R as recommended by the domestic guidelines, it put them too close to the walls, and overhead effects appeared to just move up and down the wall (surrounds are at around ear height).

By moving the Atmos speakers to the commercial guideline positions which are to have them inline with the centreline between the Left and Centre speaker, and Right and Centre speaker, the Atmos speakers were more overhead and firing more into the seating area, rather than by the walls and firing into the side aisles. I also angles the speakers so they were aimed more at the seating as well - just like all the other speakers are. For me that made a nice difference, with the Atmos effects coming more from overhead than the sides.

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