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Hi all,

I want to enjoy a ATMOS setup at home, but I'm struggling with my living room layout.

surround sound how.png

I have a rather big WAF factor to consider. The room setup can't be changed and I can't place wired surround speakers on stands directly behind the couch. Other than placing battery powered wireless speakers on the couch (like with the JBL 9.1), the only place I can really place surround speakers is on the two spots I marked in the picture. I also won't install speakers on the ceiling, but I'll be happy with upfiring speakers.

My main question is: is it possible to get the Atmos-like experience with such a weird setup? I've been looking around a lot for systems that can cope with such an asymmetrical setup, and so far only the Sony HT-A9 seems to be able to do that. Are there others that do it well too? Or would I be better off just using a system like the JBL 9.1?

Thanks for reading. :)


There's a little more to consider than the actual placement of the surrounds when looking at using upfiring Atmos speakers. Your ceiling has to be perfectly flat, be between 7½ and 14 feet high. It has to be perfectly flat, not vaulted, and made of a reflective material. The speakers have to be placed on, or as near as possible, to the front left and right speaker and placed no more than 50% of the height of the ceiling.

If that's achievable then consider the surround placement. I don't think those battery powered speakers are going to be powerful enough. Good standmounts will work I believe as the one the other side of the double doors will be around 3-4 feet behind the right sided one (?). If you get a good AV amp, say a Denon X3700, then the calibration system will compensate for the difference in distance so that the audio will arrive at the main listening position at the same volume.

You could use wireless speakers with a correct unit connected to the AV amps pre-outs but they would still need to be wired into a mains socket.

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