Atmos help I'm desperate


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Currently have Dolby true hd via straight on my reciever but it doesn't light up the atmos speakers and I get no sound out of them, if I swap to surround decode I get atmos on reciever and atmos speakers are lit up and working

Setup is
Yamaha 3040---sharc earc---LG c1
Shield pro is playing a dolby true hd atmos file

Any ideas.? I've googled like crazy and can't get an answer


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Not got a Yamaha, but this sounds right, straight is probably like pure direct on Denon, best for 2 channel music. Perhaps a Yamaha expert can confirm ?


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Atmos is a format and instigated by the AV receiver detecting the presence of Atmos metadata. THis metadata ican only be conveyed to an AV receiver if packaged with either channel based DD+ or TRueHD audio. If you however engage certain modes such as Neural:X on the AV receiver then the AVR will ignore the metadata and just give you the TRueHD or the DD+ audio with the Neural:X upmixing being applied.

If the AVR says Atmos on the display then you can be reassured that Atmos is what you are getting and that this is what is being portrayed. If it however says just TrueHD or DD+ then you are not getting Atmos. THe incoming stream probably doesn't include any Atmos metadata. If the display shows TRy=ueHD or DD+ and a mode then you'd need to diable that mode to get Atmos if present. THe only exception to this is if using Dolby Surround Upmixing. DSU is negared by the presence of actual Atmos metadata so you'd get Atmos even if DSU os engaged.

I'd not suspect anything to be wronf with your setup if you are in some instances actually managing to get Atmos diisplayed on the unit and portrayed via your speakers.

On a Yamaha AV receiver, the STRAIGHT mode will bypass all upmixing modes. Engage the STRAIGHT mode to negate any other modes while wanting to portray Atmos if and when available.


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Yeah so when I engage straight I get Dolby true hd and no atmos speakers

When I engage Dolby surround I get atmos displayed and and atmos speakers working

That is using the same Dolby true hd atmos codec


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If engaging STRAIGHT and just getting TrueHD then the source isn't outputting Atmos and only TrueHD is being streamed to the AV receiver.

You are mistaken as to what you are engaging.

THe only mode with the SUR. DECODER options that would result in you getting Atmos if Atmos metadata is present is the DOLBY SURROUND UPMIXING mode. I can only assume that this is what SUR. DECODER is set to if you are getting Atmos if and when SUR. DECODER is engaged? THe reason for this is simply the fact that DSU is negated by the presennce of Atmos metadata.

NOTE that the STRAIGHT mode button toggles sTARIGHT on and off. If on then no additional up,mixing or DSP Programs are engaged and you should get Atmos if and when present.

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