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Question ATMOS/DTS:X 7.2.4 Set-up


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I am planning a Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X Theater conversion. I want to use existing speaker connections, but they are not exactly what is recommended. Do you think I would get much benefit from the following set-up.

I have in-wall presences speakers in the front. They are about 1-1/2' below the ceiling (Basement 8' ceilings) and are inside my Front main channel speakers.

I also have tower speakers as my side surrounds. In addition to the tower speakers, I wired speaker connections directly above them. I would like to wire ATMOS ceiling speakers to these.

I have the typical center channel and in-ceiling surround back speakers. I also have two subs but have wired for four subs, one in each corner.

Will Audyssey help correct for the speaker miss-placement? Will I get much benefit from ATMOS or would a Yamaha be a better choice with some of their additional processing?

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