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Hi all

I'm pulling my hair out trying to watch some Atmos demos and I can't seem to get them in a suitable format. Please help!

I have the files from 'thedigitaltheatre' as a format that will not play through my Samsung player. The Atmos demo from the Dolby site appears to be MP4 and they work fine so i assume I need to convert the MKV files to MP4.

I've downloaded VLC and can now convert to m4v (even tho it suggests it will be an MP4). This isn't recognised by the Samsung.
I have even tried converting the M4v in ITunes but I'm getting nowhere.

Can anybody advise me on the easiest way to solve this or point me in the direction of an idiot proof tutorial.


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Can you just connect your Mac to your AVR to play them, rather than using the Samsung player?

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No I don't have an HDMI out on it. Any other ideas?
Oh. Er, does it have any other outputs that support HD audio with an adapter? I'm not that familiar with Macs but I have a PC with a display port output that can be converted to HDMI with a cheap adapter and will bitstream all audio.


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VLC Player ( Via USB )

Ah cheers

I used edge on the actual xbox to download

When clicking open it tried to open them with kodi

I don't need kodi so I wonder if I uninstall it then vlc it would open that

Dont think I can be bothered putting them on usb

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