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Apologies in advance, from reading through the Speaker and Receiver threads, I ‘think’ this had been answered many times but I still can’t quite get it straight in my head.

I have a Denon X2700 with a 5.1 setup and have recently purchased some Dolby Atmos Certified speakers to make it a 5.1.2. The speaker blurb states they can be installed as up-firing or as front heights.

Now, this where I’m confused. The Denon manual only shows an Atmos configuration if they are placed on the front speakers as Front Dolby Left and Front Dolby Right (up firing). If I have them as Left and Right Front Height speakers, there is no mention of them acting as Atmos speakers (I don’t think). When assigning the speakers, FDL and FDR are assigned as Front Dolby; for height they are assigned as Front Heights.

If I mount the speakers high up (above the two fronts) and select the configuration as Front Heights, will they still act as Atmos speakers if the source material contains Atmos? Also, in this configuration, what will the speakers output when the source doesn't contain Atmos?

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Yes, Front Heights work with Atmos as well as other formats like DTS-X etc. If the soundtrack isn't Atmos (such as standard Dolby TrueHD/DTS-HD MA) then they'll do nothing unless you engage an Upmixer such as Dolby Surround or DTS Neural-X to get them to produce sound.
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Jase...very many thanks for the confirmation and, in particular, that the speakers won't just replicate the fronts in the absence of an appropriate source. 👍
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