Atmos ceiling speakers placement can spacing differ


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I have ceiling speakers for atmos in ceiling placement advice. Can I place the front atmos speakers at 45 degrees from listening position then place the rear ceiling speakers at 35 degrees, as I do not ahve enough room at the back because of joists and piping work so have to come out a bit from the back wall hence the different amount in degrees which is 35 from the listening position. Or do they both have to be equal distance.

I have looked everywhere on line and read many threads and have not gotten the answer so placed the question here maybe someone can answer me who is more knowledgeable before I start cutting 9.5 inch holes in my ceiling.


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If you are going to angle the speakers due to spacing, try and visualise where the sound would project if you had the perfect place. Then work backwards from there to find the nearest location so that you don't unbalance the audio experience to much.

Do note that when you use Atmos speaker which are upward firing or even ones as heights, they are never in the prime location, but what you want them to do is direct to the MLP all be it a little off axis. With this in mind, you should be fine so long as you ensure you do not have the rear atmos speakers encroaching projected sound stage pushing forward of the MLP and the same goes for the fronts. It will be a compromise as it's not the perfect location, but I cannot think it will sound poor either so long as you use a little common-sense to make sure the speakers project their sound in the right area of room


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Ideally you should at least have in-ceiling speakers that allow you to angle the tweeters and point them just to the left / right of the listening position or at the sofa arms.

Best would be some in-ceiling speakers that are completely angled mid/bass and tweeter.

Atmos is a focused sound concept, rather than a more defused one from the normal 5/7 surrounds.

So i wouldn't worry to much about the mix of angles especially if you AVR / Processor can accommodate 4 atmos channels as the cal will sort out timing and distances.

Chris, AAC


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I purchased 4 X monito audio C180 they do have directional tweeters but not the mid range. Thank you for the reply appreciate the response which is very helpful indeed.

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