Atmos 5.1.2 or 5.1.4 thoughts.


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Hi guys, I've been storing a set of 7.1 KEF TDM speakers for a few years now (2 x 23f, 1 x 23c, 4 x 34ds dipoles, 1 x Kef 45b 300w) I was also thinking of adding 2 x KEF Ci160QR ceiling speakers for Atmos as i thought theyd be a respectable tonal match. The surrounds are obviously dipoles and i am currently in 1st fix with my living room and chasing in cables.

The general consensus seems to be no to dipoles for object based codecs like atmos etc.. And i have 4 of them.

I suppose the question is where should i go from?

Option 1. Add 2 x ci160qr's for Atmos heights, fit all 7.1 and call it a day.
Option 2. Keep the front stage and sub (2 x 23f, 1 x 23c, 1 x45b sub) and add new surrounds and 2 x ci160qr's for Atmos heights
Option 3. Get rid of the lot and replace with new.

Option 3 would obviously be lovely but i've been out of work for over a year and have no disposable other than a few hundred quid to be able to make many changes.

What sort of cash would i be putting down to replace the whole set with a worthy 7.1.2 or 5.1.2 set to rival their sound? What sort of brands and models shoud i be considering. Happy to go 2nd hand.


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I've also heard that:

"When sofa's are against the rear wall then the use of bipole or dipole speakers would be best."

"And you don't need rear surrounds. You only run those if you have about 1m or more behind you. If Sofa is against the back wall you just need surrounds."

So feel i'm leaning into a hybrid sort of situation of wanting Atmos, but needing to re-use my dipoles for good surround and or rear fill channels? :D

Can anyone point me in the direction of our native KEF experts :D


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Looking at what you've got and going on what many say on here, using two subs would be a good starting point as this will make more difference to your cinema than all the other things you are looking at

As for using di-poles for Atmos, many people do and one of the consensus is if you can switch them between bi-pole or di-pole (which you like me cannot due to the Kefs inability to do so), so if your sat on the back wall, then where you place your Atmos in-ceiling could also need looking at as you will be sat a long way back and ideally they need to be set around the outer edge of the main listening positioning just in front of your knees as is usually shown by Dolby

The front can be placed as it should be according to Dolby and you'll be fine, but the rear of the room could need a little more common sense

Regarding the Atmos speakers, don't get stuck on the brand as with Atmos speakers and pay more attention to size of the driver as you'll struggle to hear the differences between them whereas looking at an 8" over a smaller 6.5" or 6" driver will make more of a difference

As you have said, I feel you are looking at what you have called a hybrid solution, but if you enjoy the sound that is brought, then who really cares plus if you cannot position a pair of speaker correctly due to the room layout, that may make the room worse, so, don't feel you are short changing yourself as its really about making a system which suits your ear whilst making it workable and reading what you have said, paying more attention to the rear of the room plus adding another subwoofer should really bring your system to life in ways you might not thought possible

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