Atmos .4 or .2?


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I have a dedicated room that currently has a 5.1 surround install and, due to other work in the house, the floor in the room above is up so there will never be a better time to install some Atmos speakers but I don't know whether to go for 2 or 4 speakers.

The 'cinema' room is 3.2m from screen to the rear wall and the seats are placed pretty much right up against the back wall and I don't really want to move them forwards so there is no real chance of getting any Atmos speakers behind the seating position although I could get 2 installed directly above the seats with 2 nearer the screen.

Would this work or would it be more sensible just to have 2 Atmos speakers in front of the seating position?



All depends on where your main listening position will be. If a sofa is against a back wall then I would say 5.1.2 is the maximum with the Atmos speakers being placed in the ceiling just above where your knees will be in a seated position and in line with the front left and right speakers. All base speakers should be a seated head height.

It would help if you could post a diagram, with dimensions, of your room.

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