ATI Radon TV out, an odd problem.


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Normaly it's some colour banng problem with these. I have an older ATI radeon 9600pro in my older machine and that works fine.

However on my radeon 9800pro with the Tv out i'm getting problems consistant with both a compostite and Svideo colour signals entering my tv's scart socket at the same time. The result getting a slight diagonal line pattern on strong colours .
I connect up my Tv out Via S-Video cable into a scart block, and only the S-video cable.

I suspect that this is the case because even though I'm only connect the S-video cable alone, i still get a colour picture in compostite mode, not the black and white one i should, i also get exactly the same interference when connecting up my dvd player if i connect up the s-video and compostite video leads to the scart adapter.

Anyone come accross this before. The Svideo picture is quite a bit sharper even with lines.

Anyone know how to deal with this or have any ideas about an rgb connection to my TV?


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You will need to use a sivideo enabled scart socket on your tv, this is not an rgb socket, they are different, with an rgb socket you will have to use composite connection. Also make sure you specify which connection you are usuing in the display properties.

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