ATI Radeon HDCP compliance - connecting to HDMI Plasma Set

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by bwlonsdale, Oct 20, 2004.

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    I'm going to be purchasing a Pioneer PDP435XDE shortly which features a HDMI connection.

    Pioneer's FAQ states that it won't work with any input on that isn't HDCP compliant.

    I have a HTPC at the moment just utilising the S-Video out which gives a watchable picture but not exactly stellar. Obviously I'd like to be able to utilise the DVI out from my HTPC. At the moment it's an NVIDIA card but I know for definite that it's not HDCP compliant (nor are any new cards I believe but that's a different story).

    All of the newer ATI cards have this interesting line in their specs:

    Integrated 165 MHz TMDS transmitter (DVI 1.0 / HDMI compliant and HDCP ready) I good to go if I use an ATI card and a DVI->HDMI cable (that I've already stupidly ordered before reading up on this stuff!)

    Has anyone got any ideas if the new drivers from ATI which support HDTV also include support for HDCP and will allow me to connect direct to my shiny new plasma?

    If not, then does anyone know if a HDCP compliant switch would work as a go between? If use DVI out to the switch and then the switch to the TV?

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