ATI Radeon 9550 128MB Does it support 1400x1050



Can someone please tell me for definite if this card supports the 1400x1050?

I've asked the same question on other forums and keep getting people answering who don't know. They ask me extra questions and then come back with statements like "I don't know this card but if you look at xyz card...".

So, please, please only answer if you definitely know.




So that's a no then.

Oh well. Thanks.

Does anyone know of a graphics card that does support this resolution?


motile rod 2

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I really don't see what the problem is, the resolutions that a card supports is determined by the drivers isn't it? With the latest ati drivers it should support all resolutions up to the 2000x1500 one. I know I can run at 1400x1050 with my ATI card, and I could run it with a 5 year old gforce 2 mx. The only problems with support of resolutions you should encounter is the very top end reses like 2500x1600, which only newer cards support.
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