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ATI, nVidia and Max Payne 2

Discussion in 'PC Gaming & Rigs' started by CENSORED, Oct 25, 2003.



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    So nVidia and ATI have gone into battle again and have come out fighting with the 5700 Ultra squaring up against the 9600XT in the mid-ranges. Looks like they are a pretty even match with the exception of AA and AF where ATI gives nVidia a bloody nose. Since these cards are aimed at the mainstream, just below the enthusiast 5950 and 9800, there is little justification for recommending nVidia once again. This is not good as I personally think the best way for either company to satisfy potential customers is to keep each other on their toes. Dominance by one company regardless of what they are selling is bad as there is essentially no competition.

    To make matters worse, nVidia still appear to have some shader problems and the much heralded recent drivers (now called Forceware I believe, as opposed to Detonator) are going to cause problems for players of Homeworld 2, BF1942 - Desert Combat and Warcraft III. Some of these issues will also appear on GeForce 4Ti's and MX's. Perhaps the biggest problem will be the so-called 'driver optimisation' fudge which could mean players having to wait for driver updates in order to play the latest releases and take full advantage of the hardware.

    Which comes neatly round to Max Payne 2 which runs at native res on my lcd, all settings maxed (sorry) out and with nary a hint of slowdown to be seen. This title should run well on most setups, let's hope nVidia owners don't need to wait for a driver fix to enjoy it properly. It's an excellent game and needs to be savoured.

    Oh yeah, 5950 vs 9800XT? ATI take the title, this time on sheer merit. Go here http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/fx5950ultra-9800xt.html

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