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Does anyone have one of these for their Radeon card? I have installed the Catalyst DirectX9 BRC0 drivers and now mine will not work, not that it worked well before. As usual ATI has put out a product with crap for drivers, it cuts off part of the screen, the outer 5%, and warps the resolution to make me have to move the mouse around to view the outer 20% of the screen.

Any ideas?


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Originally posted by kertofer
As usual ATI has put out a product with crap for drivers...
Don't install unofficial drivers and APIs if you aren't prepared for potential problems. :rolleyes:

As for the issue you have, I suggest you go back to DX8.1 until DX9 is released.



I only installed the new beta drivers because the release ones were not working. The bit in my previous post about 5% of the screen being cut off in even posted on ATI's web site saying that hopefully the next drivers for it will fix this issue.

Any thoughts?
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