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ATI HD 2400Pro wont upscale any video.


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Last week i got a Force3D HD 2400Pro PCI-E Graphics Card and it will not upscale any video no matter what i do, it simply resizes the video to fullscreen by making the pixels bigger rather then upscaling with resampling. Ive tried the basic xvid codec install, ive tried K-Lite codec pack, and various media players like Media Player Classic, WinDVD, the standard WMP and they all do the same thing. All i can get is simple resized video without any upscaling/resampling taking place so edges are very jaggy. This is with all formats i have, xvid, mkv 264, wmv, dvds. The machine is a brand new install of XP SP3 and ive used various ATI Catalyst driver installs and every setting inside the Cat Control. I know its not the software build because i did the exact same install on an older machine with an ATI 7000 and its working with upscaling as normal. Ive had 3 ati cards now, a 7000, 7500 and 9700 Pro and they all upscale out of the box. The only way i can get upscaling is by using a specific players upscale function such as WinDVDs Tridemension or ffdshows resize.

As far as im aware upscaling has always been automatic in graphics cards over the last 10 years or more and with ATI you cant actually turn it off so if anyone knows of a switch which allows upscaling to be turned off and on, that would be the only thing that would show that the graphics card is working properly. The place i bought it from says that upscaling is a function of the player software and not the graphics chip but i dont believe thats true, can someone educate me on this?

I can work around it by forcing ffdshow to upscale everything using the resize filter but that doesnt fix a faulty graphics chip and obviously increases processor usage a lot. So can anyone give me some suggestions to prove that the graphics chip is at fault rather than user error? Put it this way, can anyone else play video through an ATI graphics card at fullscreen WITHOUT the video being properly upscaled with resampling as opposed to simply making the pixels bigger exactly like the zoom function in an image editor?

Please lend me a hand here guys, we all seen video on our computers and we can all see if its being resampled or not.

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Not sure I can help, but I use MPC-HC with cat 8.8 (HD2600Xt) on XP SP3 at 1080p50 centre-based timings (with reclock) and SD looks really good.

I do have exDeus's ATI registry tweaks:-

ATI HD Registry Tweaks

Discussed here:-

ATI Radeon HD 2X00 (2400,2600,2900) series owners thread - AVS Forum

(over 6000 posts.......and some aren't even asking repetitive questions, that the faq or a simple search could accomplish..........btw your question is legit).


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As above - when I got my 2400pro i had to apply those registry tweaks to make it work. The ATI 2000 series is very poor for video. I gave up on it and got a 3650 - no registry tweaking required.


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Dont these tweaks just affect hardware decoding of hi-def video? Id like that to work too but to be honest i havent even tried to see if that works. I applied those tweaks a few days ago and didnt see any difference anywhere, didnt even see any added features in CCC. What im going to do today is install a fresh XP on a new drive and and install Catalyst 8.4 because first time i installed the latest 8.9 and then just the base xvid codec and play something. Then ill install my usual codec pack if that doesnt work and im not hopeful.

drummerjohn: whats so bad about the 2000 lineup? I read a group test in anandtech that came down hard on the 2400. Ive taken this quote from it - "The HD 2400 XT posts quite a lack luster performance, failing in noise reduction and HD deinterlacing (jaggies). But at least it poorly deinterlaces video at full resolution." - Now i dont believe thats whats happening with me since the performance is way way below an 8 year old ATI7000 part. I should add that i have noise and sharpness controls and deinterlacing choices in my CCC that have absolutely no effect on any video under any configuration ive tried. Can anyone confirm if thats normal? Doesnt seem so to me, im really just hoping at this point that its faulty so i can RMA it.

One thing that bothers me is that if you cant turn hardware upscaling off in any other ati card i have (and no ones ever come forward to tell me its possible), then why do so many people use software upscaling in something like ffdshow when its already being done? Isnt that counter-productive?

thx guys


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You could try toggling this option:-

Catalyst Control Centre > DTV (HDMI..etc) > Attribrutes > Enable GPU scaling

Seems to make a difference to SD material when I press pause.

I did have ffdshow doing my scaling on SD stuff, working witin MPC_HC, but its not there now.........can't remember getting rid of it......must be getting old :rolleyes:.

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