ATI Driver Problems


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OK this is for any1 who uses ati drivers!

Do you have any problems getting the screen resolution too 1280x720?
What drivers are you using to get the resolution?

I tried to get it to display through dvi today and it just woulnd do it the closest was 1280x798 or sommit, so i updated the drivers to the latest from the ati site and still the same problem. However with both sets of drivers i was able to set 1280x720 while the screen wasnt attached (ie deactivated, was still physically attactched) but when i would attatch the screen it would goto 1280x798 (or whatever the number was) which is not supported by my pj.
So i thought to myself it used to work why not now and rolled back the drivers to 3.6 and hey presto worked no problem!!


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Are you using Powerstrip, the latest version?
I am using it with a Radeon 7000 series card and have no trouble at all.
Altering the timing options is easy. I have the latest catalyst drivers installed.




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no as with ati drivers you should be able to select 1280x720 in settings as i can with 3.6!!

Is there some sorta bug in the newer drivers that prohibits ya from selecting it through dvi?


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I am unable to select it with the 4.3 drivers and have to use Powerstrip. However, once you have enabled it with Powerstrip you can then remove Powerstrip and the registry retains the setting.

Have you managed to get separate resolutions on your two display devices. For the life of me I cannot get my new machine (with 4.3 Catalyst drivers) to retain the 1280x720 resolution when I select it using the slider bar. Also, both my monitor (connected to the VGA port) and my projector (connected to the DVI port) identify themselves as Monitor 1. they also both show the boot screens together if they are both on at boot time. Very odd and a real pain as I have to run my monitor at 1280x720 instead of 1280x768 (as my primary concern is 1:1 mapping on the pj) hence it looks a bit fuzzy.

Any ideas? Cheers :)


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yes i get different resolutions on my monitor and my pj but only using 3.6 (i would try 3.7 but cant find them as they are meant to be very stable but 3.6 is good for all games i got :) ) and dvi identifys as 1 and vga as 2 (although i can choose which is primary), also when both are on when boot up (with 4.1 and 4.3 not tried with 3.6) i did get the start up screen on both but not the login screen which only appeared on the primary!

Paul D

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I've been reading that there is issues with Catalyst from 3.7 onwards.
It is supposed to mainly effect ATI9600 via DVI, but i did have problems with an ATI9800pro.
From what i've read, it is the way the drivers read the "EDID" information stored in the display device.
I just couldn't get any other resolution other than 1280x720(via powerstrip) working with my S3.

I have now changed to an NVidia 5950Ultra, and have found NVidia support 1280x720 natively.
Every resolution is available, and DVI looks perfect. (1-1 mapping)
Even with this card though, i have a strange problem of the BIOS screens being blank via DVI until windows appears?!


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Thanks both. I think I'll try dropping back to v3.6 and see if that fixes things. paul, with your nVidia card can you save different resolutions for monitor and S3 which are automatically selected when you switch between displays (assuming you use a monitor of course :) ).


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