ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon?


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Any reason why I shouldn't go for an All-in-Wonder Radeon for my up-and-coming HTPC when it costs about the same as separate Radeon + 5.1-out soundcard + TV card, but does it in one AGP slot and has other nifty features? Also, does the AIW have any extra hardware decoding abilities for DVDs? Or is it the same as, say a Radeon 7200?

Speaking of which, if I were to go the route of separate bits, which Radeon should I go for? I won't use it for games much (if i want to play games on my PJ I'll just hook it up to my heavily over-clocked beast that sounds like a frickin' vacuum cleaner ;) ) and I'm looking to spend as little as possible, without sacrificing picture quality. So... is the 7200 what I want? I hear there are driver problems with the 8500? (Hardware accelerated DVD decoding is essential as software decoding looks absolute ****e.) Dual-head and DVI would be nice features but not really necessary.



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