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ATI All In Wonder 9700 Pro

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by spanx, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. spanx


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    Has anyone used this within an HCPC setup? I like the sound of the card as it has everything I require built-in (video-capture, pause/rewind TV, DVI out, etc). Will it do these all "properly" or would I generally be better off getting separate hardware for capture and output?

    It also seems to have a good software bundle, which is swaying me. I have a MicroMV camera and the inclusion of Pinnacle Studio is a real bonus.
  2. Jim Conklin

    Jim Conklin

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    AIW with MMC did not meet my needs.

    What I want to do is to record shows and to independently play back what I have recorded.
    To me these are separate things and in no way should they interfere with each other.
    I probably take this to an extreme in that I currently have 5 VCRs. 4 are dedicated to recording
    and one is dedicated to playing back previously recorded shows. I often record two shows at once.
    Very occasionally I record 4 at once.

    So what I want is to be able to schedule a show to record. When it records I DO NOT want a screen
    to pop up. I DO NOT want to here sound from what is being recorded. I DO want to be able to playback
    a show that I have previously recorded. Note that the sound issue could well be a setup problem
    on my machine though I spent a lot of time trying to find a way around it.

    I have given up on using MMC. What I currently use is a Hauppauge 250 card and replace their Wintv2000
    player recorder with WinTVCap http://sourceforge.net/projects/wintvcap which
    allows background recording. The Titan tv listings interface puts entries for recording into the windows
    scheduler. The scheduler thinks it is starting Wintv2000 but since I replaced it with WinTVCap which will
    take the same command line arguments I now get background recording.

    If ATI supported a WinTVCap style background recording I would have gotten an ATI tuner only card to
    go with my AIW. Neither the ATI not the Hauppauge change channels quickly enough to channel surf.
    I will probably always keep a VCR for that purpose. Unlike my VCR I have never found any cable or
    satellite box that will change channels as fast as I can press channel up or channel down button on
    my remote.

    Note that I do like the ATI hardware and the AIW option is not very expensive.
    I like the Pinnacle software that comes with the AIW 9700 PRO. I especially
    like its ability to automatically find all of the scene changes in an MPEG file.
    For me the Pinnacle software paid for the extra cost of the AIW vs. the 9700 PRO.

    My current settup:
    2 Hauppauge 250 with WinTVCap for background recording from cable.
    1 AIW 9700 PRO. I use the AIW MMC if I want to pause live recording.
    I mostly do this when a commercial comes on then I will switch to
    the VCR and channel flip for a bit. Then go back to what I was watching
    and fast forward thru the commercial.
    I use Zoomplayer to watch DVDs as well as what the Hauppauge recorded.
  3. jtorry

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    Nov 8, 2001
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    I was about to post a question asking if it was possible to set up a PC to have all the functionality of Tivo, but this thread seems to have the same theme. So, is it possible, or am i better off trying to find a Tivo to save myself all the hassle of getting the PC set-up to work properly?

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