ATI AIW 9800SE Component probs


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Hi Guys,
I jcust got one of the 9800SE AIW cards (softmodded successfully!) and ordered the component output cable from the US. Just arrived today, but there is a problem! It only seems to output a component picture to my projector in blue!!!! Any ideas? Also the secondary display is locked at 800x600x32 meaning that i have to scroll around on the projector within a virtual desktop. Any help is soooo much appreciated




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I should point out that it is the component cable (red one) not the dongle DVI adaptor. I had suspected that component output wasn't supported on a uk card, but it just says in my manual that the cable isn't available in the uk. I have looked absolutely everywhere for a solution to this, but with no success.


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No idea about this, I barely know the hardware you've got .. shot in the dark, could it be an NTSC/PAL issue, if this is US-centric hardware?


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This may sound a bit silly, but what projector are you using? Surely it would make more sense to use the VGA connection on it rather than component?


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I'm using a Toshiba LCD Projector TLP 651 native XGA res and handles PAL/NTSC etc. Has VGA input which also doubles as a component input with the correct cable. I could use a VGA connection, but would have to split and convert the DVI signal coming out of my ATI 9800SE (a pain). The thing is that the card has an output socket in addition to the DVI connector which supports Svideo and Component out, so that solution to me seems easier! The DVI output currently goes to my 21"TFT screen on desktop, and this is working fine, but i really don't want to split and convert the signal, because my amp handles Component YPBPR switching and it would be much more convenient to use this.

Cheers anyway, more suggestions, pref from people that own ATi cards later than the 9700 AIW are v welcome,



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I got the same card and also ordered the red cable from the US, only to get the same blue screen. Searched the ATI sight and got the 9800AIW manual, as you know the 9800se is basically a crippled 9800. Anyhoo here is the important stuff

Installing your ATI HDTV Component Video Adapter
For “Powered by ATI” products:
1 Insert the ATI Installation CD that came with your HDTV
Component Video Adapter Kit into your CD-ROM drive.
If Windows runs the CD automatically, cancel the
2 In Windows Explorer or My Computer, double-click the
CD icon, then search for AIB_DRV.
3 When Windows finds AIB_DRV, double-click it, follow the
on-screen prompts, then go to Step 5, below.
For “Built by ATI” products
1 Insert the ATI Installation CD that came with your HDTV
Component Video Adapter Kit into your CD-ROM drive.
If Windows runs the CD automatically, go to step 4.
2 Click Start, then click Run.
3 Type the following:
(If D is not your CD-ROM drive, substitute the correct
drive letter.)
4 Click OK, then follow the on-screen prompts.
5 Shut down your computer.
6 Plug the ATI HDTV Component Video Adapter into the
A/V Out connector on your ALL-IN-WONDER card.
• Digital flat panel displays use the VGA-to-YpbPr adapter.
7 Using the appropriate cables, connect the ATI HDTV
Component Video Adapter’s outputs to your HDTV’s video
You must have a CRT monitor attached to your
computer before installing the ATI HDTV.
For proper operation of your ATI Component Video
Adapter, ATI display drivers must be correctly
8 Turn on your component input device, and set it to YPbPr
See your HDTV or component input device manual for
further instructions.
9 Turn on your PC.
Your TV will not display anything until Windows starts.
This may take several minutes.

It seems that Europe gets the cable but not the installation CD, as ATI has no plans at present to support it
:( I have tried in vain to get the driver, but with no luck. Maybe someone from the US could help us out.

Cheers Iain


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That is the most annoying thing ever, but at least i have a procedure to follow. I will ask the place i got it from, and check ebay etc. Might get lucky, but this is really crap! They're happy to sell you a useless breakout cable, but not the cd. Seems a little od though, you sure this doesn't refer to the DVI-> YPbPr dongle convertor?

Thanks so much for that tho!

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