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Jun 5, 2002
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I'm after a subwoofer to go with my ATC Active 10 standmounters (feckin' fantastic speakers) when I move into my bigger room this weekend. If I could afford a Velodyne HGS-12 or -15 that's what I would get, but I simply can't (even at the excellent PowerBuy prices).

Next on the list are those from ATC, as I have so much respect for the company and I *know* they know their bass. :) I've heard the Concept 4 subwoofer - it was STUNNING, but at £1900 it's more expensive than even the HGS-15! If I can, I'll buy one 2nd-hand but I don't think they come up very often (nobody wants to see their's leave I imagine :D ) These beasts have 650-watts of SERIOUS amplification (ATC know how to build an amplifier, believe me!), weigh 50+kg, go down to 18Hz at -2dB (yes, eighteen hertz at minus TWO decibels!) and put out an SPL of 112dB!! Now you see why I want one...

Anyway, to make a long story slightly shorter, there are only two ATC subs I can afford: the Concept 1 and Concept 2 subs. I haven't heard either of them, and the only dealer near me (in Glasgow) doesn't have any demo units in-store. I am 95% confident of buying the C2 sub blind, at £1140, as it's designed to go with my Active 10's and I trust ATC to produce a serious piece of kit. However, on paper the C1 sub is almost identical apart from being lighter and having a less well-reinforced cabinet, and it costs significantly less at £700.

Now, I was wondering if anyone owns or has had experience with either (or both) of these subs? How do they sound, particularly when compared to, say, a REL Storm, or a Velodyne HGS - or the C4 sub? More importantly, how do they compare to each other? Is it worth the extra outlay for the C2?

For one thing, I currently don't have a centre speaker, and if I got the C1 instead of the C2, I could probably afford another Active 10, or the C1 centre...... Decisions, decisions... :)

Any input welcome - cheers,


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