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I have been toying with the idea of upgrading my basic Sony 5.1 AV setup to something more respectable like the Yamaha RX677 and Q Acoustics 7000is. However as I don’t use my main audio setup as much as I used to before kids I was wondering whether to use my ATC SCM20L speakers (ATC SCM20 SL | Floorstanding Speakers | Custom Wood Finish | SL Drive Technology) as part of an AV setup.

I could buy an ATC C1 Centre (ATC C1 Centre | Centre Speaker | Free UK Delivery By 12) and maybe save for a ATC sub (ATC C1 Sub | Subwoofer | Free UK Delivery By 12).

I could afford the centre not sure about the sub though, and as for rear speakers there is no way I can spend another £1k on the ATC speakers. So is it worth having ATC front and centre speakers and a cheaper brand of sub and rears for the time being or just keep the ATC SCMs for my turntable. Also as my sofa is against the back wall the rear speaker would need to be wall mounted facing inwards... modern houses they always build everything in the most AV unfriendly way!

Also is there a good switch so I could keep the SCM20Ls attached to my Krell Power amp and also the AV Receiver?

Any help would be appreciated!


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I'm in a similar position as you regarding placement of rears, its a common problem.

Have you considered a pair of dipole or bipole rear speakers?
These mount on the side walls, level with your seating position.


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It depends on how serious you are about movie watching and music listening. If you are serious, then in my opinion, you are a fool if you don't use the ATC in front.

Your rear speakers don't have to match, if your room is limited, and you simply can't place larger speakers, then small lifestyle satellite speakers will be fine.

I can't imagine any small satellite in front outperforming the ATC. And if the ATC are laying around gathering dust, it is shame not to put them to use.

Though, certainly, there are other things to consider; the size of the room and the available space topping the list.

Also, WAY overpriced on the Subwoofer. No need to spend that kind of money. You can get virtually the best BK Electronics Sub for half that money, and no need to go even that high.

BK Electronics - Subwoofers

The BK Electronics XLS-200 is only £315, and should do a fine job. If you must, you really wouldn't need more than the BK XXLS-400 for £424. You can go as big as the Monolith, but you imply your room is small, so very likely the XLS-200 would serve your needs nicely. Rated down to 17hz at -6db, and both available in FF (front firing) and DF (down firing).

Just one man's opinion.

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That's what I thought. When worked on music (recording & musician magazines) over 20 years ago I was lucky to be able to borrow some ATC 50s that we had in for review. I had been into audio since I was 15 and always aspired to high end, but was never convinced by many speakers. However the ATCs didn't sound like anything and just portrayed the music warts and all. No wonder they are used as studio monitors.

Back to topic... Thanks for the info. I may try and get small ATC rear speakers maybe secondhand in the future or go with some dipole/ bi poles.

As for my room size its 16ft long and 10 ft wide with the TV one end and the sofa against the other wall. The reason being is that I have a door on the back wall leading to my work room.

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