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Hello Everyone,

I've started the plans on my home theatre and have a moderately sized room (15x12x10 feet) available in my new home and wanted some advice about speakers.
I currently have a 2 channel setup with ATC SCM 40As (active speakers) and absolutely love them for their mids and overall clarity. I am toying with the idea going for a 5.2.4 setup initially, but am struggling with a few questions about speakers to add to my existing SCM 40s and was wondering if people had experience with the following:

1. Has anyone used active speakers in a home theatre setup? Would you ever consider having active left right and centre speakers with passive speakers for the rest of the speakers in a setup?
2. Does anyone have experience with ATC HTS speakers? I've read the reviews on the website for the HTS7s, but am wondering if it would make any sense to have HTS11s as rear and side surrounds paired with my fronts being my SCM40s or whether that is just silly and I would need to go full HTS line or SCM line.
3. Would anyone recommend I sell the SCM 40As and start from scratch with a different set of speakers/brand for the whole set up? My budget for the entire 5.2.4 setup would probably be 15-20k (just the speakers), but I would ideally like the fronts to be suited to 2 channel listening as I would use the room roughly 50-50 for music/home cinema.

Sorry for the meandering topic, just haven't been able to find anyone with these specific problems and was wondering if anyone had any experience with these sorts of things.

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Plenty of folk have 'active' cinema systems.

Ideally if you have the space you would want a matching ATC SCM40A for Centre channel duties - assuming you can accommodate it, potentially easy enough if you are going with a projector and screen. You can use alternative cabinets for the Surround and Immersive channels.

The room and seating layout are key to decisions around loudspeaker choice and placement.



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Thank you that's very helpful.
I've always thought the best thing for the LCR is to have 3 of the same speakers, however I have no idea how one purchases a single floor standing speaker.
I think I would ideally like to have active speakers for the whole set up, but haven't seen much on here about people with active cinemas.


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Yep we have members with active cinema speakers (Neumann/Genelec etc) also one member mixed active+passive for some time, check few threads here and feel free to bump them or send PM to member if something in mind... :)



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Thank you so much for the advice.
I will look to see if there are other posts on using all active speakers for home theater.

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