ATC Concept 2 sub ordered


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Well, I bit the bullet yesterday and ordered my very own ATC Concept 2 subwoofer - I even got a discount: £1000 instead of the usual £1145! Score! :D

They've gotta build the beast apparently (heehee) but if all goes well I should have my grubby little mitts on it next week some time. I'll be sure to report back on how it sounds with my Active 10 speaker/CA-2 stereo pre-amp/Yamaha DSP 800 AV processor (with Mission 77DS surrounds & phantom centre) setup once I figure out how best to wire it up to my system.... :)confused:)

I had a good long demo of the Velodyne HGS-12 a little while back, so I'll let y'all know how I thought it compared to my shiny new 46kg, 20Hz at -2dB monster (though obviously it'll be very subjective, seeing as the Velodyne was in a dealer's room with their own setup).

Honestly I'll be very disappointed in ATC if it doesn't rock my world. :D


P.S. - Now all I need is a decent screen for my new projector and I'll have myself one hell of a nice home cinema setup! :D:D:D


Congatulations Duncan,
I had the pleasure of listening a System 6 in a 7.1 Setup with 4 ATC aktive 50 together with Lexicon MC-12.

Aroung 114dB with peaks around 118dB.

But i know your Sub too. It rocks,definitive.



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The Concept 6 is about as good a speaker system as I ever hope to have (assuming one day I get rich :) ) and I would *kill* to hear it in action! :devil:

But yes, I have enough faith in ATC that I expect the C2 sub will rock along with the Active 10's (finally found the right positioning last night in me new room after much tweaking - bliss...) Now I've just got to wait for the thing to arrive... Last time I had to wait something like 3 weeks for my Active 10's.. *sigh*... :rolleyes:



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