atari or namco game controller thingy?


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Looking to get one of these joystick-into-tv jobbies for bro-in-law's birthday in a couple of weeks time. Any recommendations on which is better and which retailer to get it from?


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It depends what games you like. They are very faithful recreations of the original games.

I bought my dad the Atari one, seeing as we had an Atari VCS many years ago and he really enjoys playing some of the old games.


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Yep it is the original, but the new joystick thingy has quite a few of the games that were on the 2600

and hopefully they've not messed with the internal workings of the joystick bits as my original atari joystick outlasted about 20 of the joysticks i bought for the spectrum/amiga, dam you daley thomson!


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If you've got the time I would get an old 2600 setup from Ebay or maybe something called a TV boy. I am bitterly dissapointed with my atari 10-in-1, on the basis that the games are all conversions which are all slightly duff in one way or another, and that the hardware is flakey (difficult to get into colour on the telly)

and I'm not the only one, see http://www.tiac.net/~sw/2003/10/tvgame/ and http://www.backntime.net/Atari Interactive/Teninone/Frame10in1.html

Mine got played with for about 10 mins then went back in the box.
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