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Mar 31, 2002
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Hi there,

I have a pair of B&W 602 S3s. I'm looking at getting speaker stands for them and going by suggestions on here, I think I'll get a pair from Atacama.

My questions are this:
1) My ears are at a height of 92cm from floor level when sitting as I would be. If I got 500mm stands, this would bring the tweeters to a height of 94cm. I guess this is a s close as I can get to what would be best?
2) The main question:
Which ones are better? the stands I am looking at are the new SE5 and the Nexus5. Personally I think the Nexus looks better and is cheaper so is the extra £25 worth it for the new SE range?

Any help would be appreciated as they look very out of place on the floor...


Which ever none's you get, it's worth investing in filler (like Attabites or, if you can get it cheaper elsewhere, lead shot) beacuse it really does make a big difference. I think both models can be filled, I know the Nexus's can, not 100% on the SE5s.
There raises another question! Atabites can be expensive can't they?? I know I can get dried sand for very cheap, again, does it make a major difference?

both of the models I am looking at can be filled, just a question of which one!! :)
That's a good point - how much better is atabytes/lead shot over regular sand? I have a pair of Atacama SE24's (excellent solid stands that seem to do the job just fine) which are currently filled with sand. Would I see much of an improvement in sound if I were to replace the sand with lead or atabytes? Also, where can I get lead shot in the quanitites required, and how much does it cost? And just how expensive are the atabytes? Cheers,

TBH, I wouldn't think there would be a huge difference. Attabites are supposed to be specialially shaped to fit together better but after having a look at some close up I thick thats a bit OTT, ok they are pyramid-shaped, but not precision engineered. The only reason I didn't suggest sand is that if it isn't completely dry then it can rust your stands so only use dry stuff. Attabites are about £30 for 9KGs (it fills one one stand roughly, so you need 2 buckets), but lead shot or steel chippings can usually be got dirt cheap if you know any metal workers near you.
Pyramid shaped?!!

I have to say that it sounds like marketing to me! Lead shot is the best, the finer the better (since the finer it is, the more you get in and the greater the mass).

I use SE24's and havent any complaints. They are decent no nosense stands.

So, I guess I know what I should use to fill them but still no-one has helped answer my questions! :)
Does anyone use either of these stands (the Nexus5 or the New SE5) with B&W 602S3 speakers? If so, can you give me your opinions of them.
I have a pair of (old) SE24's on which I've got a pair of DM601S2. They [the stands] are filled and I have to say they [the speakers :) ] sound great.

They're being driven by an Arcam A85 and considering the size of the speakers the bass extension is superb. They're positioned reasonably away from the walls to so the bass doesn't get overemphasised.

I'd have thought the new SE series won't be any worse.

Highly recommended.


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