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Atacama plasma support + LG px12x? Does it Fit?

Discussion in 'AV Stands, Cabinets, Seating & Furniture' started by recce, May 30, 2005.

  1. recce


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    Ok, I need help...

    I have send two e-mails to Atacama customer support, but no answer. I've waited almost three weeks now! :mad:

    It is supposed to be universal, but the local dealer couldn't say for sure...And the customer service won't reply!! :mad:

    The funny thing is, I have all ready ordered the plasma support but my px12x is still in shop! :D I just haven't had the time to go to get it... :boring:

    If my girlfriend finds out that i bought a "sophisticated av equipment" :D ,
    that cost about 370£ and doesn't even fit to the LG...I'm gone!!

    My grave is going to be so deep, you can't see coffin...

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