Atacama Equinox Av Glass Colour Help!!!!!

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    Advice required from one and all!!!

    After owning the Hifi version for several years in silver and grey tint glass, decided to plump for AV version to hold forthcoming LCD.

    Drove all the way to Coleraine (Northern Ireland) to only listed Atacama dealer in Ireland to view 'Anthracite' glass to gauge difference, even took one of the hifi shelves with me. Good news, very similar (in fact turns out to be a perfect match).

    Ordered from Peter Tyson online (Very fast and efficient service) and just opened glass to check and its a completely different colour!!! Guess what the dealer in Coleraine has obviously had his soooo long that its the original 'Grey Tint' glass and not the new anthracite.

    Spoke to Atacama, as they had previously told me that they were keeping spares of the old colour and they have all gone!!!!!!!!

    Not Peter Tyson's fault, more blame should go to the local dealer as I was assured this was the newer colour. Thing is, if his hadnt been a display model, i would have bought it, but girlfriend and i prefer new.

    Atacama are going to get back to me, potentially suggested swopping the 4 grey tints shelves off the hifi to anthracite and thus everything matches, but i prefer the grey tint. Would love for local dealer to swop his glass (as long as no / negligible scratches / marks) but dont think thats an option as i didnt buy frame off him (although I think he should so as he is displaying the latest {and available} colours.....).

    I am aware that under the distance selling regs i can return to Peter Tyson, but that really wont help as its unlikely anyone else will have older glass colour.....

    Any advice welcome
    (P.s. Location - Belfast)

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