At last, my Denon 2900 has finally got a bug!!

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I was feeling a bit left out that my 2900 had been bug-free since purchase (the rgb scart issue is the tv's fault) and I am happy to report that it has at last developed a problem :clap: !

On saturday morning it just decided to stop playing cd's. It literally thought "bugger this, I can't be bothered - anyway I'm a dvd player, mate".

It reads dvd/sacd/dvda fine, but pop in a cd and it fails to read it. It also refuses to read the cd layer of sacd's!!!!!

My theory is that when the unit is left permanently on (I've only just started doing this - note that its just switched on - not playing anything), it seems to overheat and needs to be turned-off/reset and given time to cool down. It started reading cd's again on sunday morning, having been switched off for 24 hours.

Very, very strange indeed! Only Denon can precision-manufacture fault like this. A customer services rep told me "It takes decades of specialist electronics research to develop such interesting bugs for our products. Its something we take real pride in". (ok, I'm making this bit up :D )

So then people, any ideas? Am I doing something wrong? My settings seem OK - nothing has changed. I anticipated this sort of problem so I bought from my local dealer (+2yr guarantee), rather than off the net. Is this the begining of the end for my 2900? Shall I get it replaced with something else?



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I've had my 2900, for almost 2 years now and it has played everything that i put in it and it has never skipped, frozen, pixalated on any disc, the only reason i am thinking of changing it is to get a high-def machine, such as the 2910.


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