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I recently purchased two Bowers and Wilkins ASW608s, but am considering upgrading to the ASW610 with intentions to purchase a second ASW610 in the future. I was recently told by a Magnolia salesman that the ASW610 has some serious amplifier issues, but I have read recently that the ASW610 is a great subwoofer. I am not sure what to believe. Would anyone recommend the upgrade? I would ultimately own two ASW610's if I went this route. I use 685's for my speakers and use my setup for most everything. I desire the bigger subwoofer for digging deeper in movies, video games, and and the occasional party. Money isn't an issue, but I must choose from these two subwoofers.



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Why must it be between these 2 subs? Also the general advice is to get one really good sub as opposed to 2 OK ones. Getting 2 subs the same only gives a little more volume but will gie you no greater depth of bass. The money you would spend on 2 610s would get you a very good single sub that would go lower as well as being more than loud enough for normal home use. Also setting up 2 subs can be difficult in a room due to sound cancellation etc. and since the gains of 2 subs the same is minimal it really does not justify the hassle.
B&W make great speakers but are not renowned for making the best subs hence going for another make should give better results. As an example for the same money as the 610 you could get a BK ELectronics Monolith which would wipe the floor with the 610. For the price of 2 610s you could get something from SVS or similar.


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I work for Best Buy and am limited to the subwoofers that we sell. The discounts are pretty extreme, and I want to take advantage of that. This is why I limit it to the Bowers and Wilkins stuff. I understand the difficulties of having two subwoofers, but I definitely believe in their benefit. The lack of lower frequencies is the only thing that upsets me. I just want to know if its hit or miss with this sub. I've read and heard terrible and great things. It makes this hard. Would you still suggest subs other than these at these prices?
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