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Hi all,
I really want the Asus UX550, however it's not released until the end of July 2017, and will retail for around £1400. I confirmed with Asus directly!
Asus ZenBook Pro (2017) Hands-on Review: Balancing act

I need a powerful dedicated graphics card to run Dialux Evo software
Dialux minimum requirements
Will also use PhotoShop, CAD, InDesign etc

When l wait for it, and I've been researching all week at gaming PC's, laptops, iMac 2017 etc, I'm happy to buy something, anything, that I can easily sell in 2 months...

Came across the relatively new Asus Zenbook UX530UQ, which surprisingly is not well documented at all, and only Currys sell it at £999?

I'm happy with a PC at home and a notebook to travel around with.
Ideally will dock the UX550 to a big screen at home.
The UX530 doesn't have Thunderbolt 3 capability, but it's available in store right now, and I should be able to re-sell quickly?

I'm sure I could sell a 2017 top spec 27" iMac quicker though!

Currently I use an iPad for everything, and my home AIO PC is not good enough with no graphics card. Hence I need to upgrade ASAP or I risk losing some work and making money! (No guarantee of securing the work, but I need to run Dialux asap to have a chance of showing what I need to some clients)

Thoughts please?
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Currently I use an iPad for everything, and my home AIO PC is not good enough with no graphics card.

Have you tried it? Usually software that requires significant amounts of power specifies minimum cards that'll work. All your link states is API support and a memory amount with nothing about processing power.


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CPU: A modern Intel or AMD CPU will work great with evo. We are currently not using all the cores but will parallelize more parts of the software in the future. We work with Intel i7 CPUs but AMD should be okay too. A fast CPU will reduce calculation times and is very important. If you need to save money: Do not buy the top model but some of the high end models.

RAM: As the amount of RAM will greatly influence the performance of evo and RAM is not very expensive at the moment: As much as possible.

GPU: If value for money is important: Use a modern gaming graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. For evo I do not see benefits of the more expensive business graphics cards e.g. Nvidia Quadro. If you need these graphics adapters depends on the other software you use, for evo you do not need it. Use a card with as much video RAM as possible (e.g. 2GB). More than one GPU will not help.

Dialux say Intel i7 is ideal but not the power of it... all about graphics.

My current AIO is absolutely fine for general office work, the odd design work, has faired me well. It's going to my daughter, or on sale, or donated to the local school... Dell Vostro! I get an error message that doesn't let the software open, need Open GL3.0.

I've now got the iMac 27" top spec 2017 machine today, from Apple.
I have 14 days to play with it, so can take it back if needed without penalty. Will need to use VMWare Fusion 8.1according to Dialux FAQ #7. It won't work any other way on a Mac. (Not Bootcamp or Parallels).

I've never had a MAC so will trial it rigorously, otherwise it could end up being the first one going on sale on the Apple Refurb Store!

I believe Microsoft Dynamics CRM also works better on a native Windows PC as opposed to a MAC. But again will see.

The solution really is a portable device to replace both the desktop and the iPad, where I have both the simulation software and CRM at my fingertips all the time. That, I believe, to be the ZenBook UX550UQ. ( and will be 2 weeks closer to the the release date ;-) )

I so nearly bought the Asus UX530UQ, but it's slightly limited for me, and for £1k I'd struggle to resell it, as no one has heard of it. It's a good machine though! Asus dropped some balls in the marketing of that one.
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