ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 front panel audio connection


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I have an ASUS Xonar AE 7.1 sound card on an ASUS TUF B550-PLUS motherboard. The problem is this card is serving me no purpose at all because I plug my headset into the front audio panel, which goes to the motherboard, and I hardly use speakers on this specific rig.

Since the Xonar doesn’t have front audio connections, I’m thinking of running 3.5mm cables from the sound card into the case to connect with the “HD audio” cable on the inside. Does this make sense to do?

Also, looking at the pinout for “HD audio”, there are a lot of things a 3.5mm jack won’t have, such a sense detect, presence, etc. Does it make sense to only hook up ground, mic, left and right? Because these are the lines I can get from a TRS connection.


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In case someone else is wondering (I could not find this information online), this is how I solved it:

Using two female 3.5mm TRS connectors:

1. Cut off HD audio connector
2. Solder pin 1 wire to tip on TRS connector 1
3. Solder pin 2 wire to sleeve on TRS connector 1 or 2
4. Connect sleeves on connectors to each other with a piece of wire
5. Solder pin 3 wire to ring on TRS connector 1
6. Solder pin 5 wire to ring on TRS connector 2
7. Solder pin 9 wire to tip on TRS connector 2
8. Tape up connectors with electrical tape
9. Run 2 male to male TRS extension cables from the female connectors to the outside of the case (PCI slot or some other hole)
10. Connect line from connector 1 to the mic socket on the card
11. Connect line from connector 2 to the headphone socket on the card

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