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Hi All,

I got the Asus Eee Transformer tablet for my Christmas from my wife, which was completely unexpected, and I totally love it. However over the past few days I have just been enjoying the tablet experience. Now I am doing more things with it I realise a gapping hole in my CV... I do not fully understand how Android works as I have only ever used UNIX, Wintendo & Apple phones.

So Android is all new to me and I woud appreciate the help of fellow AVF'ers s I know quite a few of you have Asus Transformers. So here are some of my initial questions:

- How do I print to my wireless Lexmark printer - do I need to install a Lexmark (x7550) driver for Android? (If there is one!).

- I have a NAS server with a few shares on it for Documents, Videos and Music - how do I map drives - I see the "MyCloud" app but cannot see how to do something like map a drive?

- When I open and App and then choose to go back to home so I can either open another App, look at emails, etc. How do I close that app down completely as I can see them still open and listed when I select the tabs icon?

I do have more but these are the ones I would appreciate the anwers to just now.

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Think the OP needs to re-assess their post for content.:facepalm:


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for the NAS do you not have a DNLA setting on the transformer?
for the printer i have no idea but im guessing the printer needs to be networked, is it?
for closing down apps, droid is pretty good at managing ram etc that USUALLY anything running in the background is down to the minimum but if that still bothers you, you could try advanced task killer

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