asus set up no sound


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my system
asusm4a88td-m evo usb 3
amd phenom x6 1055t
xt3d Amd radeon 6950 1gb
Corsair H80 Liquid cooler
W D 1tb hdd
Windows 7 ultnate
OCZ mod x stream-pro 600 watt psu
Max Zero 8 fan Controller
Icute 120 case

On loading windows 7 (which i do once a month because am getting the money together for a keyed version in the spring) Ive been doing this since June all went well service pack 1 instailed so started to load my software

PCTV Nanostick T2 for freeveiw and NO sound throgh the Back audio jack this is conected to my HI-fi amp.Firstly i checked to out put settings on the desktop this said nothing plugin and i could ajust the setting .I have sound through the HDMI lead to the tv/moniter but the sound is crapi I've loaded the drivers from the cd for the graphics card but still the same outcome any idea's :facepalm:
thank you


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In the bottom right hand of the screen right mouse click the speaker icon.
Go to playback devices and select the one you want. Should be speaker.


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Done that my Friend in the playback box on the desktop it say's both, speckers & headphones are not plugin but this is not true. the lead works (pluged my mp3 player in to test)and this set up as worked perfectly since June?????
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