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Hi all...

I recently got 100MB internet from VM and like many on here was disappointed with the wireless speed. My speed I think was around 20Mbps and there were several pauses when opening webpages. I am primarily using my Galaxy Note 2 and the superhub is not connected to my PC.

After reading several reviews I decided to purchase an ASUS RTN66U router and expected a significant speed boost over wireless. I am currently averaging 30-50Mbps which seems very slow considering my 100 MB line?

I have literally tried everything - rebooting, diff channels etc and I am at a loss with what to do? HELP!


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Try the latest asuswrt-merlin firmware and ask in the smallnetbuilder forums, there are specific subforums there for this device.

I have this router but only on adsl2+. It is the best I have ever seen from a device in terms of wireless throughput/range. Before I had a netgear dgnd3700 which was very good but no where near this. Tranferring files internally on the 5GHz band at the opposite end of the house where my old router used to struggle I get 11MB/s transfer speed which as fast as a 100Mb network connection.

Possibly a limitation of the galaxy?!


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Possibly a limitation of the galaxy?!

I'd suggest that's worth checking - most device only support a subset of the available "speeds" offered by 802.11N. So, for example, if you had a 450mbps wi-fi router/AP but a client that is only (say) 150mbps capable, then a 150mbps link is the best you get.

Quite a few battery opperated devices "only" have single radio antenna's and RF chains (to eek out battery life and presumably to reduce costs a bit) and that affects max link rates.


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After upgrading to the latest official firmware I installed Merlin's latest firmware, but saw my wireless signal suffer with the SDK6 wireless driver, so today I installed the SDK5 firmware and my wireless signal is stronger again, but my throughput appears to have dropped.

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