Asus RT-N16 Router


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This router has had very good reviews in UK, USA and Australia and others after it was announced some months ago. It seems to set a completely new standard and is only let down by not being dual band.
Does anyone have any idea when it is going to be released in Europe? I know some outlets are advertising it but I believe I have tried them all, only to be told that they don't yet have stock. I must buy soon because my Netgear 834gt is becoming increasingly unreliable.


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dunno, but you do realise thats a cable router for the US market, or Virgin customers? ...theres no ADSL modem in it

whats wrong with your DG834GT? ...silicon chips generally work or dont work, they dont really deteriorate somewhere in between

If you want a new ADSL modem router with 802.11n (like that ASUS product) then there are a few out there now - that will give you faster wireless, if you have 802.11n clients


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Actually netgear hardware has good chance of slowly dying :) The dgs suffer from random wired lan disconnections, inaccurate snr readings etc. Mine died a slow death after 4 years a couple months back :( Netgear did a good job of deleting every post about overheating on their forums a while back. Anyway, cable modems can be used on any line, provided you have a modem which most isp issue, either in dedicated form or a modem router capable of being bridged (I'm using a cable router on adsl atm).

for the record, ther arn't any out there tat comes close to the rt-n16:

CPU: Broadcom BCM4718 533MHZ
RAM: 128MB (2x 64MB)
USB Ports: 2
WLAN: 2.4GHz N

oh, and it's open source, although I'm not sure why anyone would flash dd-wrt onto it since asus have made such a good gui with built in ftp & torrent clients. The only downside the cpu is dual band, but the transmitter/antennas are 2.4 GHZ only so no 5GHz.The marketing blurb claims 300,000 simultaneous connections, it'd be interesting to see the time-out settings for those.

The UK seems to be looking at November though, at worst December, seems we're last on the list. It was lunched in India a couple months back, then Australia, the Eastern Europe/Scandinavia got it the same time the US did (1/2 weeks back).

You can find the English manual here
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Thanks Azuse.
I live in Portugal and inevitably (thankfully!) the temperatures are rather higher than UK.
My problem with the Netgear is very often, but not always, associated with heat and I have to switch off and wait for it to cool before it will hold a connection for any length of time.
As to the Asus - it has received exceptional reviews and I believe it would give me better performance with VOIP phones and music streaming. I see nothing wrong with feeding it from the supplied PT modem other than the fact that it will require another PSU
The only downside is that it is not dual band because I am about to buy a Panasonic SC-BT200 Blue-ray Home cinema with wireless rear speakers and this is one more item operating on the 2.4 Gig band. Will I get interference?
Before anyone asks - I don't have carpets and short of chopping into the walls, that is the only way I can have rear speakers!

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