Asus radeon 9800pro 256mb


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I’m not sure what to say to be honest. Regarding the video card, I don’t think it’s a particularly good buy. Why? Because 256mb offers very little benefit in terms of performance compared to the 128mb version – we’re talking 1-2 fps at the most and that’s usually at higher resolutions, i.e. 1600 x 1200. The 9800 pro 128mb can be picked up for around the £130 mark and is therefore a much better buy. However, if you’re prepared to spend £240 on a video card perhaps it'd be best to wait until the next set of cards from ATI / Nvidia hit the stores (around a month’s time) and see whats most attractive then.

As far as your motherboard goes, its product specs will be listed on MSI’s website. That will tell you the highest processor it will support along with its FSB. If is supports 4x or 8x AGP then the video card will work fine - in fact I think it will work at 2x too but don't quote me on that...



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Thanks . The mother board supports agp 8x . I can wait for the next gen cards but i think it might be better to get the 128 mb version like you say , so then i could get a better processor as i just took a 3dmark test and my processor was realy bad.
What make of radeon should I get? (Asus ,Saphire etc...)

Is this good ? :

Will the 128 mb be able to run ut2004 smoothly with everything at max?

I think this might be it but not sure

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I have a Radeon 9800 Pro myself - a 128MB version - running inside a Pentium 4 2.8Ghz machine and it runs UT fine m8. I don’t think you’ll be able to run the game maxed out though (I can’t anyway) since it can be quite demanding, especially on larger maps. However, I have most things ticked and all my graphical settings set to ‘High’ and it still looks pretty decent ;). One of the biggest limitations in this game is the CPU so try and get the fastest one that you can afford and obviously what your motherboard supports.

Asus, Sapphire and Hercules are all good makes. The one you linked to is one of Sapphire’s quieter designs – it uses a Zalman cooler and heatsink. Its quite a beast and it also makes the card a little more expensive. I would go with the traditional fan design. Here’s a look at one…

It’s a ‘Lite Edition’ and from what I've heard it just looses the software and games found in the standard version.

I also had a look on MSI’s website and that code you gave me brings up 3 different chipsets so I wouldn’t like to guess which one. Maybe if you had a look at your motherboard manual?



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Thats a good processor m8 especially for that price (although I believe you can get it cheaper if you have a look around). Once you put it all together you'll be rocking. :cool:

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if you havent already ordered, i'd go for the sapphire brand, Reason being that five of my mates (me included) have all bought one of these recently, and had no problems at all. We also went for the artic cooler to go with it, which makes the card virtually silent (thought the stock one isnt too bad ayway).



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You can spend a bit less on the processor, get a Barton 2800+ or less and overclock it. I have my 2800+ with a 12.5 X 178 fsb and its faster than a standard 3200+ on stock cooling, get an extra fan or two and you could push the 178 up a bit more.


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Multipliers are now locked on standard Bartons, but the mobiles are unlocked and run at a lower voltage (so more overclocking capabilities).


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