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    Hi .

    Hope I have the right forum..

    I have a Asus T91MT Laptop /netbook, the problem is> is that I cannot get the screen to come on. I have had it on charge for a full day and had it on mains as well.
    It was working fine week or so ago when we bought it from a friend who says it works fine and then just got it out again and knothing on screen apart from the blue power light.

    You can turn it off on the slide button on the left which when ON is showing a blue light for power, then when I turn it off and back ON again there is Knothing on screen/blank apart from the blue pwr light again.

    We havn't had this long and only switched it ON once like I said earlier and the screen came ON then no probs.

    Is there certain buttons I might have to press to get the screen to come on again if something has been pressed wrongly on last shutdown.

    thanks for any help!!


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