Asus N4L-VM-DH & Intel Core Duo T2300 - Socket 478 or 479 ???


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I have the Asus N4L-VM-DH Motherboard as follows:

Due to the fact that I may have to wait a while for these new Core 2 Duo Mobile T5500 CPUs I was thinking of getting the cheapest Core Duo Mobile and I have seen the T2300.

Only problem is that I am not sure if they will work in the ASUS board due to the socket type. The ASUS needs a 479 chip but the T2300 seems to be a 478 as per this link:

But then some sites seem to imply that its a 479 chip like this one:

Does anyone know about the 478 / 479 compatability ???

Just to confuse matters further I have also seen this T2300 CPU listed as follows:

Package type 478-pin Micro-FCPGA
Socket type Socket 479 (mPGA479M)
It will work...

Support Intel Core™ Duo and Core™ Solo Mobile CPU
This motherboard is designed for Intel® Core™ Duo and Core™ Solo processor. Built on Intel® 65-nanometer process technology with cooper interconnect. The Intel® Core™ Duo processor delivers breakthrough dual-core performance and enhanced media experience with low power consumption.

If you are still not sure go to the asus website and it will list the cpu's compatible with yur mobo


thats still dam confusing.

the asus site simply says supports intel core solo and core duo mobile chips.

the intel side says s478, on all T7xxx and T2xxx CPu's

so does 479 just mean mobile 478?


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Intel had to differentiate between the Pentium 4 478 and the Pentium Mobile 478. So they used Socket 479. Both types of CPU were 478 pin.

The 478 Pin layout is the same for the Yonah Chips [T2300, T2400, T2500, T2600, & T2700) as the Merom [(T5500, T5600, 2mb cache) & (T7200, T7400, T7600 2x2mb cache)]

However the 478 Pin Dothan CPU's (M725,M730.........M780) have a different Pin Layout and are not compatible with the Yonah and Merom.

A Bios update may be necessary (with a Core Duo Mobile Yonah CPU present in the Motherboard) to be able to update the Bios to use a merom in a 945 or 975 motherboard. Once the Meroms are readily available I am sure boards will ship with a functioning ready to go BIOS.

FYI CustomPC compare a T5500(1.66GHz) Merom to a T2500(2.0GHz) Yonah in a 945 motherboard in their Oct edition.

info on forthcoming Intel mobile processors


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