ASUS MW221C Display Issues (Pictures Included)


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Hello everyone,

I have an Asus MW221C which I have been using for around a year now.
The problem occured today. I turned on the PC and enjoyed some gaming then I went afk for a while. When I returned I realised that the screen started showing very weird colors and pixels were clearly visible.
At first, I thought it was a video driver issue or some sort of overheating. I decided to connect my PC to my HDTV but to my surprise the colors were perfect and I was able to finish Mass Effect with no issues.
I also tested my Asus LCD on another workstation just in case and also the same pixel/color problems occurred. I have attached a couple of pictures to visualize what I am trying to say.
Imageshack - image0222
Imageshack - image0225

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I know this is an old post but I was hoping that you found a solution to your monitor problem or found out the cause of the scrambled display. I also have an Asus mw221c that has been working great for the past 2 years until it did the same thing last nite while I was a watching a DVD. I took all the trouble shooting steps of checking the monitor with different cables and other pc's but still the same outcome.Any insight to a solution would be appreciated!!


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unfortunately I believe those models are defective because I had this issue the second time after I sent it for repairs and I am still waiting for it to be repaired. :thumbsdow:thumbsdow

sorry for the bad news,

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