Asus m2mpv-vm component out problems


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Sorry typo this is an asus M2NPV-VM

Outputting to a Pioneer PDP436-SXE via components, windows logo is in colour but when booted into windows the screen has a very strong blue ting to it. Any ideas ? I am running the standard on board VGA card which has a Component out.

Leads are ok as I tested them on the DVD player I have. Text is not that clear either on the screen.

Thanks Ivan



Did you end up solving this? I've got the same problem but dont have the unit here at the moment to test. Im thinking it may be something to do with the TV Mode support option in the bios?



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I'm using this board with a Sony CRT via s-video. It seems to work OK (first time I've used tv-out, it's not a particularly sharp picture but the colours seem OK).

There was an option in the BIOS which I had to change to the UK version of PAL. By default it was set to another version of PAL which, by a bit of Googling, I discovered is the South American standard.

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