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Feb 20, 2001
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I have an Asus V8440 ti 4400 graphics card ( which hasn't worked properly since I bought the PC ). The latest problem is that the card will function with the standard windows vga drivers but not any nvidia drivers. If I install the drivers all I get is a flickering mess on my monitor and have to go into safe or vga mode to uninstall them.
The pc vendor is looking to wash their hands of the problem saying the warranty has run out on the PC.The PC was returned to them ( actually the warranty agents ) for 2 months ??##** and then just the graphics card for a further 3 months !!##**.
I am 99% convinced that the card is faulty but wondered if anyone here has any ideas.
Start spouting the Sale of Goods act at them, not fit for purpose etc etc.

Even after a warranty has run out some goods are still covered by this act as most goods can have an expected life, if the goods become faulty within this expected life there is still a responsibility of the (supplier/manufacturer cant remember which) to replace the goods. This is your Statutory Rights.

In Scotland I think it is 5/6 years not sure about English Law.

Have a look on the Trading Standards website there may be a link to the Sale of Goods Act.
"flickering mess" sounds like a refresh rate problem, which TBH isnt a hardware fault at all - it's software.

thats the best i can do though, because "flickering mess" is too vague to give you any more help.

Right click on desktop >> Properties >> settings >> advanced >> monitor

What does it say under monitor type?
yeah, sounds like the vga card is using a too high refresh rate for the monitor to handle.

Try setting the refresh rate to 60hz....its harsh on the eyes, but you should get a picture.
If the refresh rate was too high the card simply wouldn't display an image and the monitor (if its made within the last few years) would display a std refresh rate warning message.

Have you tried downloading the drivers direct from Asus? ( Ultra/TD)

The only simply way to determine the problem is to try another card in the pc (friends perhaps) or try your card in another pc.
Hi, thanks for the interest. The monitor is set to standard plug and play, the refresh rate is set to 60 hz.
The only way I can access this info is when in vga mode from boot. As soon as I try to change any settings ( colour depth, resolution etc ) everything goes tits up.
The jumbled mess varies, sometimes a black screen with just a flashing cursor, sometimes a vaguely recognizable windows screen with white or coloured blocks all over it which flickers on and off and sometimes a black screen with red and yellow blocks across the centre.
Upon rebooting the computer the windows xp screen just after post has large blue blocks over it.
I first thought it was a software issue as if no nvidia drivers are installed I can change my settings without any problems.
Griffbo , I've tried the card in both of my computers which both work perfectly with an old 16mb Sis 730 vga card and a 64MB Radeon VE. Also I have tried the original Asus drivers , the latest Asus drivers and 2 different sets of nvidia drivers.
Sounds like the card has had it! You haven't tried overclocking it at any point have you?
No, no overclocking. All I've ever done with the card is remove it to send it to the supplier and install it into each of my computers to test ( with suitable anti-static protection each time )
I'm going to ring Asus UK tommorrow although I'm sure they will tell me that it is the responsibility of the pc vendor to sort out.
sounds like the video memory could be corrupt!

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