ASUS drw- 1608p3s DVD rec. failing to record - HELP

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    Hi ppl...I've some questions. Hope you guys can help me. I've a ASUS drw- 1608p3s DVD+-R i bought about 9 month ago. I probably recorded some 40 DVD's (mostly +R) since then. It started failing whit the message: "Cannot copy...:The parameter is incorrect" when i tried to copy files from the fresh recorded DVD to PC. I've ruined about 3 DVD's with this error.So i wanna know:

    Is this the normal life time of a DVD+-R recorder? (40 ?? DVD's)
    If so, am i gonna have a DVD recorder full cemetery in....5 years, for exemple?
    Is this (ASUS drw- 1608p3s) a good recorder?

    Ty guys

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