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Hi all,

I just bought an asus Digimatrix...super...and silent.

info : Here

and a review:


I didn't found anything here about this HTPC???

Is there anybody with this Htpc?

I use it with Showshifter 3 and it works fine, but i'mmissing some options like Radio, jukebox could be improved, picture viewer could be better (i fixed it with an external patch), ...

Is there other software better then showshifter 3 ?

Nice one Headcrash, looks like an idiot proof entry into HTPC, especially with 10/100 which should allow you you to back up you DVD's on the network and use this as a nice and simple control centre.

What sort of money are you talking here?




don't forget the 1Gb lan .. :)

Money: 540 euro excl.vat (2.4Ghz celeron - 512 DDR PC2700 - 80GB Maxtor)


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I have had a DigiMatrix for about a year now and I started with showshifter that I had from a previous homemade HTPC. I have switched to the software that came free with the box. It has everything DVD/TV/MP3/Radio, Scheduler etc.. I am more than happy, low noise you can hardly hear it and it does not get that hot approx 47c. I am currently running with 36" Panasonic CRT, but will be upgrading to plasma shortly. I need to ask a few questions on the plasma board before committing my couple of grand.

Buy from approx £300


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