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Has anyone fitted an NT03 Heatsink to a 939 chip on an Asus A8N VM motherboard?

I tried mine last night and have 2 questions:

1) Should there be a power cable splitter provided? Mine did not come with one. I think there should be some heatsink paste and a cable splitter. I have my own arctic silver so I can use that, but I need to hook the two fans up somehow.

2) Is this easy to fit? I replaced the retention bracket on the base of the board as outlined in the instructions. The next step is to place two "standoffs" (their word, not mine) on the top of the board that the heatsink screws on to. However, these standoffs fit neatly INTO the hole on the motherboard, not on to, so they actually pass THROUGH the board and screw to the retention bracket. As a result, the provided screws are not long enough when the time comes to screw the heatsink on top. Anyone seen this?

Any and all help appreciated.



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There certainly should be a splitter cable provided.

I can't recall any problmes fitting the NT03 (this is a cooler I haven't used recently for builds), but I'll have a look later to see if the NT03's I have in stock have the same problem


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I took a look at some of the online installation instructions for some other heatsinks and they use a washer on the top of the board because the hole is so wide.

Anyone else seen this approach?
Well I ran out of thermal paste so could not use the NTO3 on it, but i used it on a 478 board, you should count yourself lucky you don't have a rentention bracket to remove, oh well, i used the washers as decribed, not sure for your setup though, wouldn't of thought it would fit due to the northbridge heatsink being right next to it, anyway it's a crappy board, to many problems, plus that NT03 is just so dman LOUD, and yes you should get a splitter cble with it, so you can power both fans from one fan header, i've been in touch with silverstone recently and there bringing out a passive heatsink , so you might want to hold out for that...on load 50 degrees C for a pentium D 840 in a SUGO case, no bad huh?

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