ASUS 7800GT (HDTV VIVO model) captures in Mpeg4


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My HTPC is about built. Instead of the fanless 6600GT I was planning I had a rush of blood got one the above, overkill I know but its won't just be a HTPC and it doesn't have to be that silent. Rest of the box specced to be pretty quiet anyway.
The build is halted while I hunt down a factoid re the behaviour of the card as it fires up with the fan at full speed only goes 'sane' when the drivers kick in on operating system start. (hope I don't have send anything back..)
This hiatus means I can't carry on and try and find out myself but I am just itching to know so I post this....

Doc on the card says that it has a Game Replay feature whereby it captures the game progress/screen/ in an Mpeg4 stream.
Now I gotta know if anyone has this card out there and have they used this feature, with success, to capture say, maybe a fullscreen showing of a DVD.
This could be a real easy way to compress to Mpeg4. I am thinking. especially for recordings made on my DVD recorder.


Steve.J.Davies said:
it fires up with the fan at full speed only goes 'sane' when the drivers kick in on operating system start. (hope I don't have send anything back..)

My 6800LE exhibited the same behaviour. I think it's a fearure!


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Yep, but I am hoping it isn't. Why draw full power when not rendering and temp still very very low. Sounds like a bug to me. Its on a ASUS mobo as well so compatibility should 'not' be an issue - but hey its PC gear !¬!

Its the /game capture/Mpeg4 I am waiting to get my hands on - plus other things of course....


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Its the same with all Nvidia cards i think. (At least mine does it too)
The fan speed is controlled by the drivers in windows, and when the OS is booting, as there are no drivers running it defaults to full speed for safety reasons i assume.


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thats an arrghh (for design, it should be driven by temperature at startup).
Glad they didn't design my car's cooling system...

but yeaaahhh !! for ending the hiatus with the build.
No disrespect but will wait for final word from the supplier.

But (and its a big butt..)
Anyone out there already running the ASUS EN7800GT and has tried this Mpeg4 'thingy'. ? ?
I gotsta to know, I just gotsta.


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Indeed can confirm my 7800GTX sounds like a dust buster on startup, then spins down to a whisper, sorry what about the Mpeg4 feature? Can't remember reading about it.


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Seems standard - just doesn't seem right.

As for the Mpeg4 Game Replay
from (amongst others)

" ASUS GameReplay :
Practice makes perfect, and that holds true in gaming as well. For popular LAN (local area network) party team games such as Counter Strike and Unreal Tournaments, strategy is the key to victory. GameReplay records your gaming experiences into MPEG4 video files so that your team can review all the moves and tactics later on to get better for the next tournament"

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