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Been searching the net for this issue I have. I want to use the Gaming headset on my PC and Xbox Series X but not at the same time.

So if I want to use the headset on the PC I have remove the USB from the xbox and put in PC, then switch the button on the base station from xbox mode to PC mode. Obviously I reverse the procedure if I want to use the head set on the xbox.

Ideally I would just want to switch between xbox and PC by just using the switch on the Astro base station.

I bought a USB 2.0 A Male Plug to 2 Dual USB A Female Jack Y Splitter, Type A Female to Female Adapter USB Cable Coupler and 2 Type A Male to Male cables.

So I connected everything up in the following way:
Base Station > Micro USB to A Male > Type A Female to Female > USB Y Splitter > 1x USB Male To PC and another USB cable to the xbox.


Xbox seems to work OK, But the PC my Astros do not register when I put the base station into PC mode.

I can keep on removing the USB each time I want to play on a specific device but I'm worried that over time the USB connections will come loose.

Is there another way around this?



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