Astra diesel coupe discounts



BIL wants one of these and wants a new one with the Vauxhall warranty.

I'm not questioning his judgement as this is what he wants.

We are going to Evans Halshaw on Saturday afternoon (Nottingham showcase site).

Has anyone got any genuine examples of discounts achieved?



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Try looking on


These are all brokers who can get excellent discounts. You pay them nothing, they get a commission from the dealer, you deal with the Vauxhall dealership just as normal only with a prearranged discount. Only downside is it may not be local and you have to factor in a delivery charge or go and collect it yourself. Some dealers will even cover this cost.

If nothing else you can use the prices they will give you as leverage on a dealer but you may struggle to get close to them as the broker is acting as a fleet buyer and getting discount for volume.

There are other brokers too with a good reputation, have a google or perhaps some other members have ones they've used they'll recommend.

Top Tip - Don't use a broker that asks for money upfront any deposits should be made to the supplying dealer, make sure you're the first registered keeper and you'll get the V5 and that it's a UK supplied car and not an import.
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Another vote for Carwow. I used them as a basis for negotiation over my XK and got my local dealer to agree to a price within £250 of the cheapest deal I could find, which was 150 miles from me ( and this was over £7000 cheaper than many quotes!). I also use Autoebid as a quick guide, they are quoting prices about 10-12.5% off list for a Vauxhall Astra diesel coupe depending on model, so it looks like your BIL wants at least 10% off.

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